KZWeb makes use of so-called "open source software". This type of software has no license fees attached to it. Besides this, KZWeb uses specifically developed software, which can be used free of charge, though conditions are placed on the use of the software.

The chosen technology is the same one that has been used many years by internet radio broadcasters. It's stability and reliability has proven itself. Additionally, this software provides access control on the broadcast thus making it a private broadcast.

The server receives the audio signal directly from the sound equipment. This signal is encoded "on the fly" or "live" into MP3 format. This is passed onto the broadcast software ("Streaming server") which in turn controls the access of the listeners to the MP3 stream. Every authorized listener can receive the MP3 stream by the default HTTP protocol. In order to receive and listen to this stream, any PC with appropriate software or any other appropriate device will suffice. The only requirement is that the software or device needs to support and use HTTP authentication.

Additionally the broadcasting software also records the broadcasted stream into a file in Average Bit Rate (ABR). Any MP3 player that supports this ABR, can use the MP3 file.

The administration and use of the system is very simple through the use of a graphical user interface. Since the server is a so called "black-box" no other tasks are needed then the following options:

  • The "Streaming Server" and the encoder ("broadcast") can be switched on and off.
  • The entire system can be shut down properly.
  • The number of active listeners are shown by their login names for easy counting.

  • Listeners can be easily be added or removed.
  • Recordings can be copied from the archive onto a USB device (e.g. an MP3 player).