KZWeb is constantly seeking for improvements of the possibilities. Also feature requests may lead to expansion of the features. Here you will find een overview of all features.

Since version 1.0

Proven technology

KZWeb uses the same technology that is already in use for a long time by internet radio broadcasters. This technology has proven itself through the years. The broadcast can be heard with any system that is capable of this. That may be an ordinary PC or webradio.


In the Kingdom Hall a PC is placed that is installed and configured as a dedicated server. This is based on regular but carefully selected hardware and so called "Open Source Software". In addition to standard software, KZWeb has software that is specially designed and developed to provide easy use of the server.

Internet connection

For the internet connection between the Kingdom Hall and the listener at home, any connection will do. The connection in the Kingdom Hall does have to meet some specific requirements.

Listening at home

For the listener at home there is the possibility to use his own PC with internet connection. If the listener doens't have a PC, there is the possibility to use a webradio. It will have to be configured once by the technical liaison of each congregation (e.g. the sound servant) and then installed at the listener. After that initial configuration and installation, all that is needed to operate the webradio is to turn on the radio (push the "On" button), wait for 10 to 30 seconds and the radio starts to play the sound from the Kingdom Hall. The webradio has a volume knob and a remote control to operate it.


The same audio signal that is broadcasted through the internet, is also recorded on the server in the Kingdom Hall in an archive per congregation. This archive holds all recordings for a configurable period of time. From the archive a specific recording can be copied onto a USB storage device (e.g. MP3 player). It is not possible to download a copy from the archive through the internet nor is it possible to broadcast an older recording again.

Since version 1.1


With KZWeb version 1.1 the user interface is now also multilingual. Currently the following languages are available: Dutch, English and Croatian. Other languages can be added on request. It is possible to have different languages for each congregation in one Kingdom Hall on one server. This way the English congregation uses the English interface while a Dutch congregation in the same Kingdom Hall uses the Dutch interface.

Since version 2.0

Play music

KZWeb version 2.0 now supports playing of the music in the Kingdom Hall. This is for both the piano music as for the ochestra arrangements which can be played before and after the meetings. This feature has the same operation mode as the rest of the system: very easy.

Configurable functionality

With KZweb 2.0 the system can be configured for the desired functionality. This way the three main functions can be used independently. A Kingdom Hall may now choose to use KZWeb only for playing of the music and recording of the meetings without broadcasting over the Internet. It is also possible to only broadcast and record without the play function. And of course to only play and broadcast without recording. Any desired combination is possible.

Internet connection: yes or no?

When KZWeb is only used for playing of the music and recording of the meeting, then an Internet connection is not needed. If it is decided later on that the congregations would like to use the broadcast, the Internet connection can easily be added and used.

Dynamic IP addresses

There is no urgent need anymore for a connection with a static IP address in the Kingdom Hall. Although it still is advisable and highly preferred, an Internet connection with a dynamic IP address is also supported if needed.

Since version 2.1

System status overview

In order to facilitate support, there is an additional overview of the most important and relevant system tasks and settings.

Since version 2.2

Listen in your own Kingdom Hall to a live broadcast from another Kingdom Hall

In some cases a public talk speaker may not be able to make it to the Kingdom Hall or a congregation may not be able to find a public talk speaker. Now KZWeb can connect to another Kingdom Hall to listen to their broadcast. The audio is also transmitted to the own listeners. Of course the congregation needs apporval and a default listeners account in the transmitting congregation.